Introduction to Fractals

Could our universe be a  fractal universe?

Welcome to the Fractal.Institute!

We produced the video you just watched to share some basic information why fractals deserve more attention than they currently get in science.

Below you find more information about the examples from the video in order of appearance:

The Mandelbrot-Set

The Mandelbrot-Set (Wikipedia)

A beautiful zoom video into the Mandelbrot set

Beginner-friendly explanation of the mathematics used to create an image of the Mandelbrot-Set.

Kalles Fraktaler – Freeware to create your own images & zoom movies.

Fractals in nature

Spirals: Cyclons, Galaxies & Snails  – how fractal spirals are formed
Self Similarity understanding fractal self similarity by painting a fern online with in one minute.

Try for yourself here!
The formula of Romanesco-broccoli


Diffusion Limited Aggregation – DLA explanation
tree branches – generate complex fractal trees in your browser with a single click.
rivers  -short video why they curve and create fractals
lightning – todo own explanation of DLA   !!!!!!!!!!
map of all the roads leading to rome (or your city)
map of the internet  and it’s ‘inventor’ Tim Berners Lee on “the fractal structure of the internet”

Fractals in our body

Fractal structure of our lung
circulatory system (powerd by fractal heartbeat )
Fractal brain, nervous system

Simulating our universe

Millenium run 2 and its successor the Bolshoi simulation

3d Fractals:
Fractalicious 2” Julius Horsthuis
Here’s a basic introduction + the tools you need to create such images and animations on your own computer.

First fractal animation, Lucasfilm
Star Trek wrath of Khan – first fractal movie sequence
Pixar – See BBC “The Code” – Episode 2/3

Minecraft, procedural  video
No Man’s Sky – Video: Sean Murray explains their procedural universe generation
Pinterest example collection: Life is fractal

We hope you enjoyed this little excursion to fractalogy
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