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Huge list of Fractals in physics

Complete Book “fractals in physics”

Fractal Patterns Seen in Semiconductor Magnetism

-scale relativity

Brownian motion, thus heat-energy is fractal

-check if true: physical laws are scale invariant, no matter what size, they always work the same (which would include self similarity) forum-discussion

List of fractals by Hausdorff dimension


-todo: chaos vs strange attractor
-why predicting the future position of planets/moons using newtons gravity only works over a certain time span.

-electricity(lightning), magnetism


get acces to and abstract most important examples

fractals in radar and radiophysics


thermodynamics/fluid dynamics:

fluid dynamics

Fluid dynamics:

specific examples:

– breaking of waves
-fluid flows, rivers
-erosion (earth and other planets/moons)


Scale Relativity:


Since apparent fractality is naturally present in any random medium, microstructure can thereby leave its fingerprint on the macroscopically quantifiable power-law exponent.