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-gegenbeispiel nennt aber “fractal assembly” und eigentlich besser in geosciences, entstehung von planeten.

New model provides different take on planetary accretion



A New Formula Describing the Scaffold Structure of Spiral Galaxies

-nebulae as fractal as earths clouds

The Characteristics of Cosmic Rays in a Fractal Medium

from here:

  • Sunspots
  • Solar flares
  • solar prominences
  • supernova remnants
  • saturns rings
  • reversals of earths magnetic field

Quasi-periodic fractal patterns in geomagnetic reversals, geological activity, and astronomical events

  • Star system formation, dust collecting to small rocks–>big rocks->asteroid->planetoids->planets->suns 1
  • moon craters 2 and moon surface in general 3
  • Solar flare 2

Generation of planetary models by means of fractal

fractals in space:

Fractal Atlas of Europa Fault Offsets. ResearchGate. Accessed October 10, 2016.
Self-Similar Signature of the Active Solar Corona within the Inertial Range of Solar-Wind Turbulence. ResearchGate. Accessed October 10, 2016.


singularity, as in the informational modell of ray kurzweil, as well as in the period doublingtowards a mini-mandelbrot-set (infinity vs zero)

the big “zero” in the mandelbrot set, in the interior things happen that will never leave the black area – probably like in a black hole.


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