Activity patterns

Animal activities follow fractal time patterns. Read this study for more details

Fractal time in animal behaviour: the movement activity ofDrosophila

Animals’ behavioral data analysis using fractal dimension method

Temporal fractals in seabird foraging behaviour

Interactive Effects of Dorsomedial Hypothalamic Nucleus and Time-Restricted Feeding on Fractal Motor Activity Regulation


the approach of a hawk towards it’s prey forms a logarithmic spiral

colony sizes of many bird species show a fractal distribution

Fractal geometry of a complex plumage trait reveals bird’s quality

Video on swarm behavior

A Microscopic Swarm Model Simulation and Fractal Approach towards Swarm Agent Behaviour

Algorithmic requirements for swarm intelligence in differently coupled collective systems

Curved flight paths in peregrine falcons


 It’s very likely that the camouflage in animals is based on fractal geometry

Fractal patterns (includes many other nice examples for DLA)

How the Leopard Gets Its Spots – How the Zebra Gets Its Stripes –

A random walk through fractal dimensions

military camouflage

Shells & Horns

The growth of horns of many species is a logarithmic spiral.

The growth of shells of many species is a logarithmic spiral

Fractality in the Nautilus Pompilius Shell

Shell features, main colonized environments, and fractal analysis of sutures in Late Jurassic ammonites


Kleiber’s Law


Metabolic rate and Kleiber’s law

Population dynamics

 Fractal properties of Lotka Volterra equations

Swarms & Flocks

Swarm intelligence