The Mandelbulb 3D Master Training Resource Guide

The Most Authoritative List Of Mandelbulb 3D Tutorials On The Internet!

Training for all levels!

As with any skill you wish to master, training is critical. The skills you will acquire by going through the tutorial training listed below will propel you to the Master Level of Fractal Art creation! This collection of training tutorials could easily be sold for a few dollars per pdf, however, I provide it here free of charge so it can help the most people possible!

Here is an important tip for new users that may get a “missing formula” error.

The first thing you should do is to try downloading the Custom formulas & transforms from this link.  Once you download the zip file, use it to overwrite your existing formulas.

Remember that if you get a formula “options not valid” error, it could also be because you are trying to mix formulas from the last three columns with those in the first 8 columns. You can’t do that unless you select DE combinate as a hybrid type. You might be using a formula in the last column without using a shape formula from columns 9 and 10 along with it. Another possibility is that you could be using a formula from the ads columns without also selecting another formula from 3d, 4d or 4da columns to go with it.

If you load a set of parameters and you get a missing formula error then you need to get the formula that is missing and add it to your M3Formulas folder and restart the program and then reload it and the formula will be in its respective column. So when you reload the parameters again, it will no longer give you the missing formula error. So that question is answered. If you are getting a formula error from incorrect settings for the DE combinate then once you fix it, it will then say “parameters ok” and it will allow you to finish working on the fractal, if it keeps giving you the error then you didn’t fix the settings. There are a few things that can cause that error so studying the tutorials for DE combinate is the best way to figure out what you did or didn’t do that is causing the error.

Now, enjoy the following tutorials.

Fractals: Coherent Chaos with Anders Hjemdahl on MIND & MACHINE

Published on Sep 12, 2017

We take a highly visual dive into Fractals — what they are, what they mean and what they reveal to us. It’s an astonishing look into mysterious mathematical riddles that create infinite multi-dimensional worlds with a very sci-fi feel.

Courtesy of Miles Van Yperen

Here is a video that explains the images above!


Provided by Gary Webb

Start here and try to work through this entire list. If you do so, your skills will almost triple.

Some of these are a little dated but the instruction still applies to the current version of Mandelbulb 3D!

  1. Understanding Julia and Mandelbrot Sets
  2. Fractals for Dummies
  3. The Mandelbrot Set and the Julia set
  4. Navigating 3D-space (Mandelbulb 3D – first steps)
  5. Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial by HalTenny
  6. Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial 2 by HalTenny
  7. Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial 3 by HalTenny
  8. Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial 4: Basic Tips
  9. Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial 5: Tips and Tricks
  10. Isolating Structures In MB3D
  11. Mandelbulb 3D Volumetric Light Tutorial
  12. Mandelbulb 3D ~ Mastering 3D Navi
  13. Mandelbulb 3D ~ Navigating Tip
  14. Mandelbulb 3D and Heightmaps
  15. Mandelbulb 3D ~ Light it up!
  16. Mandelbulb 3D ~ Sphereheightmap
  17. Quick’n’Dirty: Reflections and Transparency
  18. 100 percent mirroring setting in MB3D by dark-beam
  19. Intro to Mandelbulb 3D
  20. Insight Light – A M3D Lightning Tutorial by gannjondal
  21. Mandelbulb 3D In- and outside render by Sabine62
  22. Mandelbulb 3D – Saving light settings by Sabine62
  23. Mandelbulb 3D – Quick’n’Dirty Working with maps by Sabine62
  24. Quick-n-Dirty: DoF (Depth of Field)
  25. Amazing Underwater Object Tutorial
  26. Custom Height Maps For Mandelbulb 3D
  27. Mandelbulb Basic Light and Color Tutorial
  28. Mandelbulb 3D DEcombinate Mix Mode Tutorial
  29. Lyapunov modifier for MB3D
  30. An Amazing Surf 2 Guideline
  33. Q3D Bulb Tutorial
  34. Formula MandalayKIFS – Tips
  35. Mandelbulb 3D Apollo dIFS Tutorial
  36. An Amazing Surf ‘Roots’ How-To
  37. What is the Deal with Color?
  38. MandelBulb 3D DEcombinate Mix Mode Tutorial
  39. return of head-height map – Mandelbulb 3D with Parameters
  40. Glass – IFSonly in DEcomb – MB3D with Parameter
  41. Mandelbulb 3D Quick’n’Dirty Anti-Aliasing
  42. Basic Intro Mb3D Formula Editor and JIT Compiler
  43. Evolution of a fractal ~ a ~ to ~ z
  44. Generating Tiled Images Using Big Render
  45. How to get MB3D work on Mac OS X 10.9.1 Mavericks
  46. How to Add a Background Image to Mandelbulb 3D
  47. Mandelbulb 3D, my process. by eccoarts
  48. Mandelbulb 3D Navigator Tutorial
  49. To Cage The Dragon – PDF version
  50. Fractalizing Yourself? Fractal Mysteries 01
  51. How to use CondItcountSwitch
  52. Mandelbulb 3D Quick Volumetric Lighting Tutorial
  53. Mandelbulb 3D Gnarlies Different Way
  54. Mandelbulb Julia spine tuto
  55. Inside Amazing Box + IFS tut
  56. WAY faster gnarl formulas. Sample params.
  57. Using Positional Lights w Volumetric Light in MB3D
  58. Basic Mandelbulb Animation Tutorial
  59. MB3D to 3D Print Tutorial
  60. Visual reference for MB3D Formulas (updated)
  61. Koch cube minitut
  62. Rendering with Mandelbulb 3D
  63. Mandelbulb 3D – Negative Tuto
  64. Mandelbulb 3D Theli-at style Box tutorial
  65. Barnsley tutorial – new version
  66. MB3D Burning Ship Tutorial
  67. Visual partial guide to ‘GenCWarp’
  68. Mandelbulb FAQ-suggestions
  69. Mandelbulb 3D Z Start Tutorial
  70. Survival tips for the Inside of TgladTetra
  71. Amazing Box Spheres Tutorial
  72. Specializing of ABox Bulbs 1
  73. What Happens if.
  74. Handling Your Balls …
  75. Placing object in MB3D without 3D Navi
  76. Volumetric Light Orientation
  77. MB3D dIFS Shapes
  78. MB3D: Field of depth guide
  79. Smileys and DIFS playing
  80. Egyptian Pottery … WTF?
  81. Tutorial Mandelbulb 3D
  82. MB3D Color Tutorial
  83. ABoxMod2 is released
  84. Tutorial Mandelbulb3D FLD – Amazingbox hybrid
  85. EM_JIT_M3Formulas example images for M3D, official
  86. Intro to Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial
  87. Why I done an ‘alt’ Sierpinski
  88. Mini tutorial on good old Mandelbrot in 3D
  89. No more noise on reciprocal fractals
  90. A Comparison of Structures
  91. DE Combinate modes overview
  92. Choose your own house
  93. 3D Shape Quick Reference Mandelbulb 3D v.1.9.0
  94. 3D Shape Quick Reference part 2
  95. DIFS Shape Quick Reference
  96. DECombinate overview
  97. Quick Handy Tips For New MandelBulb 3D User’s
  98. An Endless Winding Ladder
  99. Tutorial: Placing object in MB3D without 3D Navi
  100. MB3D: Field of depth guide
  101. How do I program difs shapes
  102. Quick visual reference to using Lightmaps
  103. TextureGenerator-Online
  104. NormalMap-Online
  105. Mini tutorial about polishing cut fractals
  106. How To Export A Fractal From
    Mandelbulb 3D
  107. Guia Practica de Mandelbulb 3D
  108. Mandelbulb3D shapes
  109. Map Pack 2 by recycledrelatives 
  110. 468 Mandelbulb Gradients 1 By Sharon E. Thomas
  111. Mandelbulb 3D Gradients 2 By Sharon E. Thomas
  112. Heightmaps Collection (165)

Scappin Matteo has begun a Tutorial Series that will be added here as the newest ones come out! These should be very informative and helpful! 




MB3D point cloud in Houdini tutorial

Mandelbulb3D terrain tutorial

The Mandelbrot Set – The only video you need to see!

Mandelbulb 3D Voxel Stack Tutorial

How to create textured 3D meshes with Mandelbulb 3D

3D Fractal to 3D Print demo

Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial – Animation Walkthrough

Tutorial: Mandelbulb 3D to 3D Printer Using ZBrush

Screencast Test – New Mesh Export in Mandelbulb 3D

Searching for Shapes – Mandelbulb 3D Timelapse

Mandelbulb Tutorial: Fractal Image

2D images in MB3D

Mandelbulb 3d tutorial 5/4/14

How to use animated height map in MB3d 1.9

Mandelbulb 3D Positional Light Tutorial

Mandelbulb 3d tutorial

Tutorial- How to make Fractal Art Uusing Mandelbulb3D- (Free App)

Cinematic Fractal tutorial

mandelbulb 3d tutorial bulbox+ 1

mandelbulb 3d tutorial bulbox+ 2

How to animate in Mandelbulb 3d using Virtual dub and Kaleider tutorial

Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial + New Style?

“metal-head in 6min” Mandelbuld3D – Heightmap Tutorial

mandelbulb 3D basic formula’s

New in Mandelbulb3D v1.91 | The Bulb Tracer and MutaGen Modules

Mandelbulb 3D Animation Tutorial deutsch / english

Chillout Tutorial: Fractal Formulas

Underwater Fractal Tutorial

Fractals in VFX

How To Make An Animation in Mandelbulb 3D

Final Thoughts About Your Training!

My madness runs deep when thinking about helping others learn and enjoy the thrill of creating 3D Fractal Art. It’s Maniacal really! It is my genuine hope that this list of training resources totally transforms your skill set. Now go create Awesome Fractals for your own joy and pleasure as well as the amazement of your friends and family! You may find the AirTable version of this guide helpful as well. Visit

If you have written a tutorial, shared a collection of maps or created a parameter pack that is not listed here, please contact me through da and I will be happy to add it.

Thank You for taking the time to review this list!

Ricky Jarnagin (aka DsyneGrafix )

Links: David Makin Interview | Jorge Abalo Interview | An Interview with Paul Nylander | Daniel White – The man that coined the name Mandelbulb | Interview with Thomas Ludwig