Create Fractals


Mandelbulb3d is probably the best known and most widespread software  to generate 3d fractal images and movies. It has a steep learning curve but with the help of our tutorials even beginners will get nice results.

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Kalles Fraktaler

To explore the Mandelbrot-Set and other famous 2d-fractals, one of the fastest Mandelbrot-renderer for the deepest still images and zoom movies.

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JWildfire is a free software best known for it’s awesome flame-fractal generator.

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Buddhabrot Mag

Buddhabrot Mag uses a special technique to display the Mandelbrot-Set. Renders don’t show the Set itself but the trajectories of random numbers



rted into z->z²+c

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Online Tools

Recursion Toy

Tweak few parameters to grow complex, realistic trees

Fractal Lab

3d Fractals in realtime in your browser


Playful draw and copy to create complex fractals

Fluid Dynamics

Transform your screen to a fluid and explore fluid dynamics