stromatolites – oldest fossils(3.7billion years) on earth build fractal structures 

Fractal morphogenesis by a bacterial cell population.

bacteria colonies exhibit fractal patterns

Fractal patterns spontaneously emerge during bacterial cell growth

Cancer cells

Studies from several areas have shown that fractal analysis can help to detect cancer in early stages. Cancerous tissue has a different fractal dimension than healthy tissue and if this difference could be spotted in earlier stages than with current techniques.

early diagnosis through fractal analysis


early diagnosis breast cancer using digital mamographs

fractal patterns on cancer cell surface

Mesothelioma- early diagnosis

Video explaining how fractals can be used to distinguish between healthy and cancerous tissue using the boxcounting-method:


cytoskeleton fractal 
Mathematical patterns rule the behaviour of molecules in the nucleus






Hidden symetries and fractals in DNA

DNA is folded in fractal globules





Slime molding

Video on how slime molds can solve mazes

Video of slime mold recreating the railway map of Tokyo

Video of scientists investigating the intelligence of a slime mold



Soil biology