“The universe is the result of an iterative process

this causes fractals to appear everywhere”

Unlike the rest of the information in the research area is speculation.
We introduce and develop a fractal perspective on cosmology – open to discussion

In mathematics, physics and other sciences the goal is to describe complex phenomena in the simplest and most elegant way possible.

It doesn’t get more complex than fractals – and the way to create them is at simple as it could be.
When we look around us, we can see fractal shapes everywhere:

“Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line”

Benoit Mandelbrot (*1924 +2010)

A fractal perspective on the Cosmos

1.1 Dimensions
1.2 Between Dimensions
1.3 Complexity – from elementary particles to life – a hierarchical structure
1.4 Sediments of time

2.1 Sediments of the past in fractals
2.2 From the singularity to infinity
2.3 Entropy – from order to chaos – and back again?
2.4 Dark Energy? The zoom into the fractal we call reality

-Iteration density =Information density
-fractals don’t contradict the current state of science, they just create a paradigm shift of perspective, solving many open questions

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note: Information theory – information entropy.

physical entropy is always increasing. but this is countered by the increasing information density – that rises with number of iterations (decisions).

you need to be on the same iteration level to actually interact with a distant object. which is where the maximum speed of information, c comes into play.