Work in progress

Why are your articles so short, unfinished or just links to other pages and research papers?

Our first milestone-goal is to build a large database of the most important examples for fractals in our cosmos and provide links to the sources and academic papers.
This goal is nearly reached.

Our second milestone-goal is to have comprehensive articles with lots of in-depth information for each topic and example.
But we are a very small team, working unpaid in the little free time we have.
And the “problem” with knowledge about fractals is: They are everywhere! You can zoom deep into any branch of science and will always find more details and examples for fractals.


As an example: if you search Pubmed (US National Library of Medicine) for “fractals” you get 8450 studies.

So we decided that it is best to provide fellow researchers and fractalists with a platform to share and spread knowledge about fractals, so the real experts can improve our short and basic articles  and summarize the research papers so that anyone can understand them.

If you think you can improve an article, you are very much invited to do this – because that is what this site is about – a community, working together to extend the worlds knowledge about fractals.
Just visit our forum to find out how you can participate