Quantum Mechanics


ultrashort summary:
universe=result of a fractal formula.

instead of a simple formula like z–>z²+c with the variables z and c and the computation + and ² we have the 12 elementary particles as variables and the 4 fundamental interactions as computation. These form a basic formula that is “calculated recursively” creating our universe, with time being the process of recursion.

it’s quantized in planck unites.
from a fractal perspective it’s abolutely logic that quantum mechanics and relativity don’t neatly fit together as they are rules of different system levels.
relativity is an emergent phenomenon of quantum mechanics.

just like z–>z²+c doesn’t describe a spiral in the m-set directly.  =quantum mechanics
but you can deduct a formula by closely observing the properties of a spiral in a picture of the calculated m-set. =relativity


Scientists were able to simulate the formation of the very first stars that ended the dark age of our universe 13.6 billion years ago. All the necessary math, formulas & constants were available, all that was needed is a supercomputer that could iterate through millions of years of every single interaction between trillions of hydrogen atoms, source BBC documentary “cosmic dawn: the real moment of creation” starting around 26:30 minutes.

More: http://www.ukaff.ac.uk/starcluster/