The Mandelbrot-Set as simple model of our Universe

The Mandelbrot Set can be used as a simplified model for our universe.
Many (if not all) main properties of our Cosmos are in a way mirrored in the Mandelbrot-Set.

The first steps to understanding this concept are hard, as each single comparison seems far fetched and very theoretical.
But taken all together it forms a plausible and complete model that helps to visualize the hard to grasp idea of a fractal reality.

Core analogies between the M-Set and our Cosmos

Time –
Gravitation –
Entropy –
Speed of Light –
Cosmological constant, expansion –
Black Hole –
“empty” Space->Infinity –
Matter –
Matter –
Energy –
scale invariance, Oldershaw –
quantum mechanics –
growing complexity –
heisenbergs uncertainity –
“looking back in time”, causality –
Big Bang –
Inflation –
Inertia –
Frame of reference –
Evolution –
Recursion, Iteration of formula
Converging to zero (&other fixed values)
Converging to infinity
max Speed of converging to infinity
fixed” Zoom speed into the M-Set
Zero-points inside the Mandelbrot -Set
Points outside the Mandelbrot-Set
Points on the Border of the Mandelbrot-Set
? Information transport ?
the current “zoom-window”, frame of ref.
basic formula z²+c
deeper-zoom->higher iteration count
details below current resolution
Start of calculation
Zooming from infinity into area -2 to +1
Changing the zoom-speed
Iteration count
Shapestacking, Mini-Mandelbrot-Sets

Ask for details in the forums – this is still very much work in progress, join the research!