Fractal lens can focus microwaves 15 times smaller than their wavelength

Hilbert_curveA newly developed technique using a wire folded into a Hilbert curve allows microwaves to be focussed on an area 15 times smaller than it’s wavelength, thus defeating diffraction.. According to the researchers this might be possible with visible light as well and ultimately lead to much better microscopes and telescopes.

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  1. To focus light, the wires would need to be smaller than the wavelength of visble light though. Great for antenna technology though. Maybe I could focus the Hilbert curve mesh to transform the magnetron in a microwave oven into a death ray! #teslathoughtofitfirst

  2. There’s a good Hilbert curve algorithm in this book:
    You can rewrite it in a more efficient way than the book but it is still the same underlying algorithm.
    In terms of using it for defense technology that is only going to happen in countries that have a positive regard toward science.

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