Kleibers Law

Kleibers Law

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..in 1997, a couple of physicist and biologists successfully derive the 3/4 power-law using the concept of fractal. The theory considers the fact that the tissues of large organisms have a supply problem. That is what blood systems in animals and vascular plants are all about: transporting materials to and from tissues. Small organisms don’t face the problem to the same extent. A very small organism has such a large surface area compared to its volume that it can get all the oxygen it needs through its body wall. Even if it is multicellular, none of its cells are very far from the outside body wall. But a large organism has a transport problem because most of its cells are far away from the supplies they need. Insects literally pipe air into their tissues in a branching network of tubes called tracheae. Mammals have richly branched air tubes, but they are confined to special organs, the lungs. Fish do a similar thing with gills. Trees use their richly dividing branches to supply their leaves with water and pump sugars back from the leaves to the trunk. The 3/4-power law is derived in part from the assumption that mammalian distribution networks are “fractal like” (Figure 03) and in part from the


Kleibers Law extends even further – to cities

Kleiber’s Law: Growth and Creativity in Cities
where should this be sorted? just as moore’s law..  it spans from microbes to cities – every living thing. so maybe evolution?
into scaling laws! but linked to


41:44min, kleibers law and why it’s fractal explained.
Money Quote:

All of life is some way is sustained by these underlying networks that are transporting oxygene, ressources, metabolites,(informations) to these feeding cells .. it is obvious that fractals are staring us in the face”


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