Many fruits, seedpods and vegetables show fractal patterns, some in spiraling self-similarity and others showing fractal symmetries.

The probably best known example for fractals is the romanesco broccoli. Each of the small sprouts are a downscaled, self similar copy of the whole broccoli. Additionally the sprouts are arranged in a logarithmic spiral.

Often we can find Fibonacci numbers in fruits and seed pods.

To get an idea how simple the rules are that create these shapes, let’s examine the input needed for a computer to generate a romanesco broccoli:

scale 0.75
rotate y,225
translate 0,0.12,0
weight 0.3
rotate y,360/7
weight 0.8
scale 0.3,-0.5,0.3
rotate z, -110
translate 0,0.2,0
weight 0.07

That is it.

Further Reading & Sources

Fractal Food – Fourmilab
Fractal Analysis & Characterization of Tropical Fruits  – Paper, University of Singapore

Who would expect that this is how an MRI-scan cutting through a banana looks like:

And some more MRI’s of different fruits – can you guess which?